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3 Top Tips for Sales Outreach

Middle aged man holding up a sheet of A4 paper
"Life's what happens after you've made a plan" John Lennon

Ever messed up? 🤣

Of course you have. Don’t try telling me different!

I was trying to get Mark's attention - the CEO of an SME tech firm - yesterday and this happened 🤦‍♂️

Now, Mark brings a new meaning to the word busy and I had been trying to get his attention for ages.

So, all was looking good, I'd worked out what I was going to say and what my Call to Action was.

Forgot though, that I still had “mirror video“ switched on.


Now, 95% of the time, that would be fine; the other 5% of the time, not so much

Why am I telling you this?

Is it because I’m only human and I make mistakes too? Maybe.

Is it because I have now learned not to destroy myself after making a mistake?


Even better than not destroying myself, I've actually learned to laugh about it 🤣

That’s a positive life lesson right there - self talk

A man doing a face palm in embarrassment
Everybody messes up from time to time

The point is, everybody messes up from time to time but here's the important learning point for me:

If you mess up, you've got to 'fess up

So, Did kraM Respond?

If you're wondering if Mark responded?

He did!

He thought it was amusing, I'd grabbed his attention, he engaged and we are now in conversation about his firm's sales capabilities.

As a result, here are my 3 top tips for sales outreach

Top 3 Tips for Sales Outreach

A purple plastic duck in amongst a sea of yellow plastic ducks
You need to stand out from the crowd...

When communicating over LinkedIn or any other kind of platform, if you don’t:

✅Stand out

✅ Cut through the noise, or

✅ If you’re not different in some way

You could have the greatest sales message, 4K video and be the best thing since the proverbial sliced bread 🥖 but if you can’t get people to stop scrolling and engage, you’re wasting your time...well, 99% of it

...especially if you’ve outsourced your LinkedIn work 😎

Sound Familiar?

If you're frustrated that your team aren't cutting through the noise or need some help reaching CEOs, we'd love to chat. No hard sell.

Message us at


simply click here and book straight into our calendar

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