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Hilarious Ad But What 1 Thing Are They Actually Trying to Sell?

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hilarious, but what are they selling?

Mrs Rozelle's favourite Ad right now is the hilarious one featuring the market stall trader selling vegetables but who will only accept Crypto as payment.

It's brilliantly entertaining, full of irony and humour but what is it actually trying to sell?

I mean, can you remember the name of the product or what it does?

What is the Ad's Real Purpose?

  • Awareness - of what, exactly

  • Lead Generation? For what, onions 🧅?

  • Promote the use of Cryptocurrency - start running now!

The Real Purpose of Presentations: Action

When you’re doing your thing - whatever it is that you do - you must have a crystal-clear message for the audience and a clear Call to Action.

Your Crystal-Clear Message Must Be:

Jargon free ✅

Easily understood ✅

Highlight business benefits ✅

Tailored to your Ideal Customer Profile ✅

Top 3 Tips to Create Profitable Actions

What Do You Want Your Audience to:

A man standing in front of a presentation screen
What IS Your Calue-Proposition?
  • Say

  • Do

  • Agree a result of making your ad, Presentation or Pitch?

Example Calls to Action

  • Call this number now phone ☎️

  • Visit Our Website for the Best Deals 💻

  • Buy now by following this QR Code 🧑‍💻


As Simon Sinek would say,

Start With the End in Mind

Make sure you know what action you want your audience to take, otherwise you are literally throwing your money away.

Regardless of how entertaining you might be 🤡

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How Clear is Your Sales Message?

Want to Chat?

If you would like to discuss:

  • Innovative ways to boost your sales and marketing campaigns

  • Sales and/or LinkedIn Training for Your Tteam or

  • You'd just like to discuss "the art of the possible" for your business

WhatsApp us on +44 7473 760627

or click the button below 👇

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