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Sales Masterclass Series 

What to expect?
  • 7 modules

  • 7 weeks

  • 34 years in the making

  1. Increase Your Sales Confidence

  2. Close more deals, more comfortably

  3. Win more profitable customers

Learn how to:

1. Research Your Target Accounts
2. Perfect your sales message "pitch"
3. Implement the right Go to Market Strategy
4. Generate (the right kind) of leads
5. Pursue larger, more strategic accounts
6. How to negotiate and close with authority
7. Maximise "wallet-share" from your accounts

This online course is perfect for you if you want to grow your business or if sales is a key part of your role and you'd love some up-to-date sales training that works.


Join our Sales Masterclass Programme

Main Content:

  1. Create a perfect 60-second Pitch (Value-Proposition) 

  2. Create an optimised Go-to-Market Strategy for your sector 

  3. Generate the right kind of leads to achieve your targets

  4. Discover your client's real needs 

  5. Pursuit Strategies for 'big deals'

  6. How to Negotiate and Close more profitable deals

  7. Maximise Account "Yield" and make the most of your existing clients


"It was a pleasure working with Keith. He has a depth of knowledge and experience in the field of selling, and a refreshing regard for ethical sales training. There is a great benefit to working with someone who quickly understands a new product and its value.*

— Lindsey Sharratt

A-Game Group

"Keith has done a great job helping us with sales and recruitment on the Executive MBA. He was instrumental in achieving a good cohort size in the UK. Keith constantly innovates, finding new ways for interested applicants to get into discussions with us about the programme."

— Christopher Saunders MBA, Lancaster University

"Working with Keith was like working in the perfect storm; he comes with the knowledge of how to make sales happen as well as the relationship skills to drive business development. His energy, drive and intuition in seeking out opportunities and hitting the mark is exceptional."

— Mike Mandato


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