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Sales Mentoring: Why You Should Be Glad When Clients Leave and 3 Top Tips To Win More Ideal Clients

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If clients don't leave, you haven't done your job

In any kind of mentoring, clients are supposed to leave you

My week in 3 lines

✅ Received 3 new enquiries

✅ A client left me - and I was glad

✅ I passed the Association of Business Mentors (ABM) training

I received 3 new enquiries just this week - how did that happen?

It happened because what I did a few weeks ago has now started to bear fruit:

  • Create 3 x brand new Ideal Client Profiles

  • Start writing/posting specifically for those 3 profiles

  • SEO more of my content, - blogs, videos, website pages etc

I found the process cathartic and also an opportunity to learn more about the hydraulics of digital selling, how it works and how I can use that learning to help my clients too - past, present, and future.

Instant returns are either a phallacy or expensive...and sometimes both.

My Client Left Me and I'm Glad

A client of mine completed their mentoring this week - 6 sessions over 3 months. She came to me an already accomplished new business sales executive with nearly 30 years of successful sales experience but not making enough progress breaking in to her new accounts.

6 sessions in, this client has:

✅ Increased LinkedIn post impressions nearly 10-fold

✅ 70% connection acceptance rate, meaning she's having meaningful conversations with lots more prospects

✅ Become much more confident and empowered with the new sales and prospecting process we co-created - bespoke to her, differentiated for clients and making her much more productive. sales-wise

Can Woolly Marketing Content Be Fixed?

Too often, corporate marketing material is too woolly and generic and fails to inspire prospective clients.

Can it be fixed? Well, yes but it would take us salespeople too long and, at the end of the day, aren't we paid to sell stuff, not create marketing's company brochure for them?

However, with time, care and attention, it is possible to use existing assets to properly position your service, create a need and make it easier for clients to engage.

In that sense, sales and selling today is still the same as when I started out 30-odd years ago:

✅ Right message

✅ Right customer

✅ Right time.

Has she really left me? Yes, for the moment; her 6 sessions have come to an end and that's the point of mentoring, isn't it?

Mentoring is supposed to come to an end - you help people change and they grow so much they can fly

What a privilege to witness.

✅ Take Aways

Producing content these days is only the half of it - you still have to get your message, your Point of View in front of your Ideal Customers at the right time.

3 Top Tips to Win More Ideal Clients

  • Create 3 x brand new Ideal Client Profiles

  • Start writing/posting specifically for those 3 profiles

  • SEO more of your content - blogs, videos, website pages etc

Also, don’t get overwhelmed by negative press, you can succeed even when all around you is going to hell in a handcart, if you’re consistent, purposeful, focused.

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Sound Familiar?

If you're frustrated that your sales activities aren't reaping the numbers you need, or you need some extra sales horsepower on a campaign, then we would love to chat.

No hard sell.

Message us at

or simply click here and book straight into our calendar.

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