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To Win More Sales in 2024 You Must Do These 3 Things

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Win More. In '24 (other signs of success are available)

How To Win More Sales in 2024

Now that we've all finished the minced pies, perhaps made some new year resolutions (I don't), it's time to dust off the tech and get straight back into it.

As if the world wasn't changing quickly enough, there are a number of key issues to urgently address (before Feb, see below) so, if you want to win more in '24, you must revise your sales approach.

Here’s what I predict will affect B2B Sales and business owners most this year.

Email Marketing is Changing Big Time

In February, Google and Yahoo will punish organisations guilty of sending spam email so the old “mud against the wall” tactic is dead. For me, the mud against the wall approach died a long time ago.

You can read more about this change here.

Ultra-low sales conversion rates requires ultra-high sales effort and therefore cost

Sales professionals, marketing teams and company directors everywhere need to review their sales outreach accordingly.

AI. Naturally.

AI will continue to impact the sales profession in 3 key ways:

Lead prioritization - empowering salespeople to focus on the highest-value prospects through predictive analytics and lead scoring

Personalization - tailored communication and solutions for clients, increasing engagement and fostering stronger relationships.

Automation of routine tasks like data entry and follow-ups will free up time, allowing sales professionals to concentrate on human-necessary aspects of their role - such as authentic customer interactions.

Hybrid Working: Pressure to return to the Office

Many businesses and most Government departments wants their people to return to the office for 3 days per week.

Why? “To increase productivity” they say. Well, UK productivity has languished since 2009 (way before the pandemic), so I doubt simply returning to the office is the magic bullet Directors and Ministers would like to think it is.

The point is that, with few exceptions, salespeople - and their customers - interact with others differently post-pandemic.

Offices serve a different purpose now, meaning Chief Sales Officers may need to encourage people back to the office by making it more useful for their people.

The Elephant in the Hybrid Room 🐘

The real issue is that companies probably have too much property (esp. in London) for their post pandemic needs but that won't be a quick fix. Much easier to tell salespeople to return to the office 3 days a week but that could easily create retention or even recruitment issues as salespeople prefer working at - or near - their homes

4 day work week - it’s coming

2 men and a woman standing outside an office
With Charlotte Lockhart and Andrew Barnes outside York's beautiful Guildhall.

The 4 day week is literally the biggest change in the world of work for over 100 years nearly 100 years since Henry Ford it’s used the five day week is your organisation busy ready?

I highly recommend you follow Charlotte Lockhart on Linkedin for her leading insights in this area.

Lastly: Business and Society - Could Do Better

A homeless person sleeping rough on the street...right beside a parked Ferrari

Q) What do supercar manufacturers have in common with food banks?

A) 2023 was their busiest year ever 😢

That’s right. And that can't be right.

It cannot be right that the richest 1% own half the world's wealth, whilst 66 million children go hungry every day (source: world hunger), so a quick reminder that:

For those who have much, much is expected

What are you doing to help your community? 🤔

Rant over. Thanks for reading and supporting this blog.

Wishing you an absolutely Marvellous New Year and may you soar in ‘24 🦅

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Want Your Sales to Soar in '24?


Slide straight into our calendar 👇

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