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You Are What You Read…4 Top Reasons You Should Read More Non-Sales Books 📕

📚 Elevating Your CEO Appeal: The Crucial Role of Non-Sales Reading! 📖

Appealing to CEOs and executive leaders - or, rather, making ourselves more relatable to client CEOs - goes well beyond the confines of our sales expertise. It's about engaging others on a broader intellectual level, and one powerful tool at our disposal is reading outside our professional sphere.

🧠 Here's why incorporating non-sales books, articles and opinion pieces into your reading habits can make a significant difference when connecting with CEOs:

1️⃣ Broadened Horizons: CEOs often have diverse interests and a holistic view of the world. Reading beyond sales exposes you to a wider range of topics, enabling you to engage in meaningful conversations on a multitude of subjects.

The CEO of a Cyber Security Consultancy I know is passionate about mountaineering. Now, I don't do heights but I do love mountainscapes, so I send her links to articles and images that might capture her interest.

Inauthentic? No. It keeps the conversation light and builds even more rapport.

2️⃣ Cultivating Empathy: Understanding the CEO's perspective requires more than just business acumen. Reading literature, biographies, and essays makes for a better you. It can also foster empathy, helping you relate to their personal and professional experiences. 📚

3️⃣ Creative Problem Solving: Innovation often arises from unconventional sources. Non-sales books spark creativity and fresh perspectives, enabling you to approach challenges with innovative solutions that catch a CEO's attention. 💡

4️⃣ Confidence and Credibility: Demonstrating a well-rounded knowledge base, including non-sales topics, can boost your confidence and credibility. CEOs value advisors who bring a multifaceted perspective to the table. 💪

Confidence has been a long time struggle of mine - having never been to University but working with some incredibly smart people, I've had to read. Lots.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with

Jim Rohn.

So, while sales reading is undoubtedly valuable, don't limit your reading to just that.

Dive into history, philosophy, economics, science, and the arts. Explore biographies of great leaders and the latest in technology and AI. 📚

By enriching your mind with a variety of subjects, you'll not only be a better conversationalist, you'll also grow into a trusted advisor who can connect with CEOs on a deeper level. 🤝

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