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How to Define the Right Sales Channels

How to Define the Right Sales Channels

If you properly understand your customer base, you will already know where your customers hang out to acquire learning or new information. If you’re targeting new business (or acquisition), then you’ll need to do some research on where your target audience hangs out.


LinkedIn is so much more than it used to be - an online CV or jobs board - though there's still plenty of jobs on there.

LinkedIn is many people's go to digital space to find out what's going on the business world and closely associated with business to business sales (B2B)

Launched way back in 2004, over 900 million users logon to LinkedIn at least once every single week!


However, TikTok is also proving popular. A piece of recent research suggests TikTok now has a large population of users over 25 years of age, suggesting it could be an excellent source of B2B leads.

Instagram is more closely associated with business to consumer (B2C) sales.

However, regular readers of this blog will know that we are strong proponents of a people to people approach. All businesses comprise of people and people can behave as businesses but also as consumers.

Our messaging needs to reflect this.

If you focus on marketing to people, you're much more likely to engage your audience

Great Messages get Great Feedback

I recall receiving an incoming lead a couple of years ago from a female managing director of a manufacturing business. She had just read my LinkedIn post about sales coaching and told me “it was like you’d written it just for me.“

Now that is the kind of feedback we are all aiming for. Moreover, that’s the kind of feedback we like generating for our customers.

Great messages get customers saying 'it was like you'd written it just for me'

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