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For Salespeople Only. 6 Great Reasons to Learn How to Read Body Language

A man and a woman in a business meeting

Learning how to read body language can be a significant skill for several reasons - and it's not just for salespeople.

Effective use of body language can lead to more effective communication, relationship building, and ultimately, sales success.

6 Great Reasons Why Learning How to Read Body Language is Important:

1. Enhanced Communication: 93% of all communication is non-verbal. By understanding body language, salespeople can better interpret the needs, concerns, and interests of their potential customers. This insight helps tailor the sales conversation to better address the customer's specific concerns and desires, making communication between you much more effective.

2 smiling professional women talking with each other. Both are standing, holding a cup of coffee.

2. Building Rapport and Trust: Learning how to read body language enables salespeople to adapt their approach to better align with the customer's emotions and business needs.

Mirroring body language, recognising trust levels, and responding to the customer's non-verbal cues can help in building rapport and trust - crucial for any sales relationship.

3. Identifying Unspoken Objections: Customers may not always verbalise their hesitations or objections. By learning to read their body language, salespeople can identify signs of concern, confusion, or disinterest and address these issues proactively, even if the customer hasn't articulated them. This leads to more honest and open conversations and opportunities to overcome barriers to the sale.

Young white woman shaking hannds with a taller black man wearing a suit. It looks like they are in a large glass and steel office reception area

4. Enhancing Listening Skills: Learning to read body language also improves a salesperson's listening skills. Paying attention to non-verbal cues requires real focus and attention - essential qualities for truly understanding and responding to a customer's needs - what they really want to buy.

5. Closing Deals More Effectively: Recognising positive signs of body language can indicate when a customer is interested or ready to make a purchase. This enables salespeople to know when to push forward and close a deal or when to pull back and provide more information.

A middle aged man sitting in an armchair, smiling and pointing towards you!

6. Adapting Sales Strategy IRT (in Real Time): Reading body language provides immediate feedback on how the sales approach is being received. This allows salespeople to adapt their strategy in real-time, switching tactics if their current approach is not resonating with the potential customer. Very professional!


In summary, the ability to read and interpret body language can significantly enhance a salesperson's effectiveness by improving communication, building stronger relationships, and increasing the likelihood of making more sales.

It's a skill that complements verbal communication and sales techniques, offering a holistic approach to sales interactions.

Want to Learn More?

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We love helping small businesses win more sales by getting more sales-confident.

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