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Introducing 9 Great B2B Selling Skills That Every Salesperson Can Master

I just knew this ad from down under for Junior Doctors was eye-catching

However, it wasn't until I started properly analysing it that I realised just how compelling a proposition it really is in terms of its offer, qualifiers and "flow".

So, I thought it might be helpful to get under the skin and discover just what it is that makes it so compelling.

Wouldn't it be great if we could harness some of the ideas and use them to increase the performance of our own sales campaigns?

OK, let's break it down - line by line - to see what's happening.

Why it Works and What We Can Learn

A male Junior Doctor in robes leaning against a wall
Adam Kay. Former Junior Doctor who wrote “This is going to hurt.”

1. Got that Dr Adam K* feeling? This 1st line in large font is the “hook” or, as we prefer to call it, the "poke in the eye"!

It's designed to attract their target market and only their target market - it's hyper-personalised if you like. They're not after big numbers of applicants, just qualified applicants.

I wouldn’t normally ask a “closed“ question this early on in a sales communication, but it’s a great example of how a well-placed closed question can take you in your desired direction.

Anyone who reads the ad and thinks “no“ can simply move on with their day.

Someone reading the ad who thinks “yes”, then they’re hooked already

Kangaroo standing on a white sandy beach
A tempting offer?

2. Come to Australia - the “offer” speaks for itself. Crystal-clear and also has the extra magnetism of "the power of 3" which I wrote about recently.

3. Must be UK Graduate Dr (PG4+) with A&E Exp. - yes it’s jargon but it’s highly relevant to the target audience for this ad, meaning they’ll understand it and whether they meet the minimum criteria. It also fits neatly onto 1 line..

4. Work 10 x shifts per month and travel, swim, surf 20 x days - 10 shifts is significantly less than a UK junior doctors’ typical workload so that’s 1 hugely appealing benefit followed by a further benefit in letting you know what lifestyle you could create with all that additional spare time.

5. $240,000 annual salary package - hopefully self explanatory, it has the killer benefit of overwhelming competitive advantage.

6. 12 month commitment required - again, simple language, easily understood and another “qualifier” - the recruitment company only want to hear from people who are prepared to commit to this minimum term, so they’re getting the right kind of leads from this ad - it minimises wasted time receiving enqquiries from people who cannot commit for that length of time..

7. Accommodation provided - they’re taking away every possible “objection“ a prospective candidate might have in terms of organising a move across the other side of the world on top of an already hectic schedule. It’s all done for them, so they are making it as easy as possible

8. $5000 sign-on bonus for 12 months of commitment. - they will even give you a sign-on bonus of $5000 for signing up to the 12 month minimum commitment. Again, this is an additional “nudge” to apply. HOWEVER, could this part of the offer have been optimised even further (see below)

9. Scan Me to apply, plus QR code. Again, they’ve made it really easy to apply. They have reinforced the action required by stating it in black and white to the left of the QR code (in the western hemisphere, we read from left to right so the most important words should be at the very start of the sentence. The QR code then follows, so the junior doctor can simply scan with their phone and start the application process right away


In short, the recruitment agency has made it about as close to shooting fish in a barrel as it’s possible to get.

Just about every enquiry they receive as a result of this ad should be pre-qualified which should mean a high conversion rate.

The ad's writers have made this look so simple haven't they?

In reality, creating a communication like this is far from simple - there’s a lot of up-front thought gone into it before publication.

Could the Ad be Improved?

There's always room for improvement isn't there?

I wonder whether the sign-on bonus is really needed? The offer already has overwhelming competitive advantage and so the addition of a sign-on bonus is really a "belt and braces" approach.

If the offer is needed, then perhaps it should be time-limited. The agency obviously wants to hear from suitably qualified, motivated JDs as soon as possible so making the bonus time-limited should nudge qualified applicants into action more quickly than it might otherwise do..

That said, it’s a great ad with clear communication, hyper-targeted audience and a clear Call to Action.

Nice one, Sam Whitaker at BluGibbon recruitment!

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