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B2B Sales for SME Businesses: How Good is Your LinkedIn?

A LinkedIn Pie Chart showing Social Selling Index
Social Selling Index: Be #1 if you can.

They say you can’t manage what you don't measure.

After all, has anyone asked "How Good Are You on LinkedIn?"

If you don’t know your starting point or what your current position is, you won't find it easy to answer that question.

In days gone by, most business was done through the old boys' network - and we probably all remember the phrase "it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.“

For millenia, that was true; however, with the advent of social media - and in particular with LinkedIn, the tables have now been your favour.

How Good Are You on LinkedIn? It's No Longer Just "What" You Know

Whilst who you know will never completely go away, the sheer scale and reach of the LinkedIn platform these days (900million + users), a more accurate saying in today's business environment would be:

With Social Media, it’s not who you know, it’s who knows YOU!

A pie chart showing several sections
The Average person in your industry

B2B Sales Post Pandemic: Surely I Just Take Prospects Out to Lunch?

Back in the 20000s, buying prospects lunch was a very acceptable way to build relationships. Time intensive though.

Social selling, on the other hand, is a vital component of success for most sales organisations: salespeople who excel at social selling build better relationships and create more opportunities. In fact, they are 51% more likely to hit their number.

It is because of this massive potential that measurement of social selling really matters.

Salespeople who excel at social selling are 51% more likely to hit their number

Visibility: The Holy Grail of Online Sales Presence

A pie chart showing several sections
You need to be way above average

In other words, the more visible you are online and the more defined your sales message is, the more effective your online activity is likely to be in generating results - i.e. leads - for your business.

LinkedIn has an algorithm that will actually calculate your Social Selling Index ("SSI")

Your SSI score will show you how effective you are in 4 distinct, brand building areas:

· Establishing Your Professional Brand

· Connecting with your Ideal Customer Profile

· Engaging with Insight and value

· Building quality relationships

I've recorded a short video to show you how to obtain your own LinkedIn Social Selling Index - I hope you find it useful.

If we're not already, let's connect on LinkedIn here

Want To Be In the Top 1% of Your LinkedIn Network?

The images shown above were all taken from my own SSI report at the time of writing this article!

If you want to increase your own SSI score, you can book in with me here.

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