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Sales Training for

Business Owners, Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs to



Learn More About Your Value Proposition

Sales Marvel presents:
‘What’s YOUR Value-Proposition?

Do you know your business inside-out, but get tongue-tied when it comes to explaining exactly what you do to others? If so, you’re not alone; more than 80% of business owners said they’d struggle to articulate their company’s value-proposition in less than 60 seconds.

Whether you’re working the room at a networking event or looking to hook a new client via video-con, the ability to deliver a clear, concise and compelling 60-second pitch is a vital professional skill. Back by popular demand, our ‘What’s YOUR value-proposition?’ workshop has already helped over 60 SME businesses from (right across the West Midlands) all corners of the business world to do just this.

Sales Training for Business Owners, Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurial Students to WIN MORE CUSTOMERS.

I create highly effective sales strategies for my clients and have been recognized on numerous occasions for creativity, sales growth, negotiation and turnaround skills.

I’m a globally experienced sales leader – both as a Director setting strategy and also as an individual contributor selling complex solutions. I’ve worked at C-level level for many years across a broad range of sectors including Financial Services, Agri-food, Hospitality, IT/Telecoms and Higher Education.

Much of my professional experience has been in Technology, Outsourcing Services and Higher Education, most recently setting the Sales and Marketing strategy for a prestigious Masters programme at a top UK Management School, which delivered a 230% year-on-year sales improvement.

I also have substantial international business experience, having lived and worked in the US, Europe and the Far East.

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