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Why Pronouncing Names Correctly Matters in Business Relationships

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It matters: Tim Cook asked his Siri team to change the pronunciation of "Streisand"

Pronouncing names correctly is a vital aspect of building a sales relationship. Here's how to do it right


Why Pronouncing Names Correctly Matters

Pronouncing names correctly matters. It is more than just a gesture; it is an act of respect and inclusivity. Each name carries significance and identity, and getting it right matters more than we realise.

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If a superstar like Barbara Streisand cares, mightn't your clients?

Barbara Streisand’s recent call to Apple CEO Tim Cook to change Siri's pronunciation of her name ("sand" not "zand") was a powerful example.

It wasn't about celebrity demands but about recognising that a name holds a personal and cultural identity. Streisand's (did you say "sand"?) initiative reflected a broader issue many face daily - the mispronunciation of names.

Workplaces are becoming increasingly complex and diverse, with many different ethnicities and cultures represented under one roof. Mispronunciation of names can lead to feelings of exclusion or aggressivity, and are a barrier to effective communication.

Whether it’s a colleague, client, or a friend, taking the time to correctly pronounce someone's name demonstrates you care and respect.

3 Top Tips to Get it Right

🔹 Ask, Don't Assume: When in doubt about pronunciation, don't hesitate to ask. People appreciate the effort.

🔹 Practice and Learn: Take the time to practice and learn the correct pronunciation. It shows genuine interest and respect.

🔹 Correct Mistakes: If you make a mistake, apologize and correct yourself. It shows you care about accuracy.

Let's create an environment where everyone's name is pronounced with care and consideration. It's a small yet powerful way to foster a culture of respect and inclusion.

Sound Familiar?

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