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We need to talk about Plastic.

Plastic is not fantastic. From bin liners to shopping bags, it’s hard to avoid plastic bags these days but do you want to guess at just how many plastic bags

we use every single year?

The answer makes for uncomfortable reading…


It's difficult to provide an exact number of plastic bin liners used globally every year as this specific data isn't typically tracked on a wide scale.

However, we can make a reasonable guess of the number, considering the widespread use of plastic bags for rubbish/trash disposal in households, businesses, and industries across almost every country around the world.

The global production and consumption of plastic bags, which includes various types of single-use bags like shopping bags and bin liners, is estimated to be several trillion every year.

Did you get that?


That is both extraordinary and worrying in equal measure.

All that oil. All that plastic. All that CO2 consumed to make plastic bin liners. Only for them to be thrown away, literally the whole process starting over.

I’ve been looking at this issue for the last few weeks for a client of Sales Marvel’s which manufactures a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bin liners.

The amount of oil, plastic and CO2 which can be reduced every single year is staggering and, whilst there are efforts being made to reduce single-use plastic bag consumption (think bans and regulation), more needs to be done.

Much more.

Watch. This. Space.

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