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Partnering for Success: Sales and Marketing Support for SMEs

In this instance it could be described as the ‘clash of the marvels’, when two consultants working within the sales and marketing arena decide to join forces. Wendy Fenney and Keith Rozelle are finding that by collaborating the magic really happens.

Alike in many ways, both consultancies have a focus on ‘results orientated methodology’ and working as part of a team. Keith has 30-years’ experience in identifying, creating and closing business-to-business sales across a wide range of business sectors, as well as coaching business owners and university students. Wendy is an experienced marketer who has the past spent 20 years working in the construction sector, marketing leading brands within the trade and specification channels in respect of window and door fabrication and hardware.

Wendy Fenney says “Marketing efforts are often wasted when they are not supported by a professional sales function, and this is where our collaboration really helps to support businesses tackle things like marketing communications, strategy, account management and value-added selling. Within a company sales and marketing can actually be competing with each other, however the great results are achieved when the powers are aligned.” Clear Goal Marketing with the support of Sales Marvel will help SME businesses within the construction products and manufacturing sectors, with developing not only effective sales and marketing strategies, but also the development and refinement of sales skills. Offering a package of bespoke services to meet the needs of businesses directly, including marketing management and sales training. Keith Rozelle commented “Over the past year, Sales Marvel has formed a number of collaborations to create an online Sales Masterclass series, guest lecturing opportunities at Aston Business School and co-hosting the Heroes & Villains podcast.

The pandemic really has been a challenging time for everyone, and it’s very rewarding to be supporting businesses in improving their sales results right now. It’s a wise move to invest in building your sales team’s skills. Times have changed and selling virtually requires a different mindset." Already actively working on projects together, it is an exciting time for both Wendy and Keith and the clients whom are sure to benefit from their experience.

If your sales and marketing activities would benefit from a free audit, contact us Keith Rozelle on +44 (0) 7473 760627 or email

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