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Why Did the Soaps Get on Their Soapbox?

Why made arch-rivals EastEnders, Coronation Street and Hollyoaks all start talking to each?

They were all united by a common goal - Climate Change and wanted to amplify their concerns to the COP26 forum in Glasgow.

Businesses can benefit in similar ways by acting creatively. And they need to as getting your sales messages heard and heeded by the right people can be a real problem.

Sales approaches have had to adapt and become more collaborative since the Great Reshuffle started shaking things up.

There’s an ever-growing, dizzying array of sales channels available to us.

But, as salespeople, we’re constantly having to navigate an environment where we have to work extra hard to communicate our message.

Despite having more sales channels than ever available to us, it’s correspondingly harder to get our sales messages heard by our target audience and encourage them to act - to buy what we’re selling.

You can’t convert prospects without actually reaching them first.

So, in a ferociously competitive marketplace, it’s vital that your go-to-market strategy and your sales strategy are aligned.

The great climate change issue – how climate change is being ‘sold’ – is a singular example of a go-to-market strategy that’s galvanising everybody from Prince Charles to Danny Dyer.

But galvanising is only part of the job, we need people - politically powerful people - to ACT in order for our go-to-market strategy to be successful.

Let’s take a closer look at it to see what we can learn from the Soap collaboration from a sales perspective.

How The Soaps Have Collaborated for Climate Change

Most of us are already aware that climate is a massive issue. So, it’s interesting to see how the television companies are taking a multichannel, collaborative approach to get the climate change message across.

You’ve likely seen or heard how the best-loved soaps are addressing the issue head-on, helping reinforce the message that climate change needs to be addressed at the COP26 summit.

Emmerdale's executive producer, Jane Hudson, who came up with the idea said:

"Never before have all five soaps and both continuing dramas come together and united in telling one story. And we certainly haven't seen characters pop up in other shows before.

"This is a real treat for our audience, whilst also allowing us to get across a very important message."

So, what can you take away from the way Soaps have collaborated to communicate their climate change message?

Adapt Your Go-To-Market Strategy Effectively, but Authentically

Think about the ripple effect around COP26 – and how the soaps have got on their own soapboxes.

It’s very similar to the go-to-market strategy your company is using right now - how you’re getting your sales messages across to your target audience.

That’s not to suggest you immediately jump on the climate change bandwagon unless it’s genuinely an issue at the heart of your business.

Virtue signalling is never a good look and it’s got the potential to do your business more harm than good.

But, consider who is it you want to reach?

In the case of climate change, the target market is pretty much everybody on the planet, with ‘senior stakeholder groups’ of global leaders and figureheads at the centre of the COP26 proceedings.

It’s their job to make a concerted effort to stop the lip service and take real action to solve climate change problems.

In a similar way, it’s your job to -

  • Get your sales messages to market through the most effective channels

  • Collaborate with the right partners to help get your sales messages across

  • Get your target audience to ACT

My Question to You

Bear in mind what the soaps have done this week and think about how your go to market strategy could adapt to reach a new target audience and get them to act.

Are there any new sales channels you should be considering in order to reach a new audience for your business?

Sales Channels that work for me:

• Website

• Google Your Business

• Social Media Channels – There’s the usual suspects such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Clubhouse and WhatsApp. In addition, have you thought about tapping in to a different audience withYouTube shorts? Or demonstrating your authority in your field on Quora?

• Podcasts

• Online Listings

• Paid Google and Social Ads

• Traditional and Digital Press & PR

• Networking Events

• TV - Soaps!

• Sir David Attenborough!

• Dignitaries at COP26 itself!

What else would you add to this list? 🤔

Comment or drop me an email at


TV soaps to swap characters to highlight climate change, BBC News

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