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5 Top Sales Tips for New Starters

After 30+ years in B2B sales, I hear a number of questions being asked time and time again.

Here’s 1 of the most frequently asked:

What Tips would you give to anyone starting out in their sales career?

It’s a great question and one I really wish someone had given me the answer to when I started my professional selling career way back when.

So I thought I’d put these 5 tips together in a handy blog and, if you’re reading this in time, there‘s an invite to a sales presentation skills event at the end too.

Even if you’re reading this after the event, these tips have stood the test of time - master them and you’re well on your way to achieving sales success.

My 5 Top Sales Tips


Understand how what you do can make your prospects’ life easier.

No waffle, no BS, create your own 60-second Pitch to make sure your sales messages are succinct and clearly understood.

2. Ask GREAT Questions

Don’t “wing it”. Do your research. Prepare in advance and ask insightful questions. You’ll learn much more from listening than you will from talking.

If you ever ask a prospect “what’s your strategy?” then you deserve to get thrown out on your ear!

Never ask your prospect a question you could have answered just by checking their website

3. Get Yourself a Mentor

Find somebody you trust and look up to and who’s been where you’re going.

Your mentor can guide you as to where you’re making progress and where you need to improve.

Done well, your mentor will accelerate your career and you’ll be years ahead of where you would otherwise have been.

4. Build Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Never react to situations, instead respond to them.

Read more. Positively influence people around you and learn to control your emotions.


5. Improve Your Video Presentation Skills

Video is here to stay, so you need to master presenting and communicating over video to stand out from your competition.

What else would you add to this list?

Comment or email me direct:

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