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2022 Reflections and 5 Top Tips for a Tip Top 2023!

Can't tell a lie, I came into 2022 struggling with self esteem and anxiety issues and didn't feel desperately positive.

What a difference just 12-months can make to the way you feel about yourself if you're surrounded by good people.

So, I'm really pleased to be entering 2023 in a good place - both mentally and physically. How lucky I am.

2022: What Did I Learn?

I'm good enough - I rejoined Corporate life temporarily (Consultancy basis) running the commercial planning process for a big telco.

Great people, a positive and a supportive culture accepting of constructive challenge, I became totally energised.

A previously under-performing, £1.6Bn business unit was restructured and properly segmented with a renewed focus on customers.

We listened to those customers' needs, identified a brand new segment and accordingly created a basket of new, innovative products to sell.

Learned so much from my brief time with them - most importantly, realising that I am good enough to make a significant contribution at MD-level.

That's priceless. Thanks BT!

Lesson Learned #1

Work where your Valued

Social Media Channels

In February, I was invited to become a moderator on Clubhouse - a social media app where users communicate on common interests (e.g. B2B Sales) in audio chat rooms - potentially accommodating thousands of people.

This gave me an opportunity to establish my brand and authority as an experienced sales leader in a growing social media sales channel.

As a result, I received a large number of leads from people fitting my Ideal Customer Profile ("ICP")

1 such client was Rami - a senior executive who'd just started a new role with a global technology firm. He hired me to help him prepare a 100-day plan to present to his Country Manager.

Lesson Learned #2

Be open to new ideas and ways of working provided they fit your Ideal Customer Profile ("ICP")

In June, I was contacted by a prominent LinkedIn connection who asked me if I only did sales training or was I open to running a sales campaign for their organisation?

Universities - help them with their sales and marketing campaigns for specific programmes…seem to have created a niche for myself.

Lesson Learned #3

Ask clients where they perceive your expertise

...rather than simply telling (guessing?) them what you do.

In this case, the LinkedIn connection perceived expertise in me that I'd failed to articulate to the market!

In August, I happened to be speaking to another client about lesson #3 above

I told them about a recent achievement I'd had with 1 of their industry peers and that sparked a conversation I'd never have known about otherwise.

They awarded me a piece of work that now forms the core of my growth strategy for 2023!

Lesson Learned #4

Contextualise your achievements using your customers' language

this greatly increases their understanding of your business' potential to help them achieve their goals.

If you don't promote your achievements, then who will?

Lesson Learned #5

Create a Culture of Continuous Personal Development

Continue to seek new sources of knowledge to help better understand your world.

As some will already know, I take a great interest in responsible business - i.e. businesses behaving responsibly. This could be anything from paying their fair share of taxes to respecting client deadlines.

Since the global pandemic, I believe many of us have re-evaluated our relationship with the world of work. I believe we are looking for much more than just a pay cheque.

I've been looking for a way of expressing these (responsible business) thoughts but never before had the words to articulate them - until I read a blog by Robert Reich on Monsters of Capitalism.

I encourage anyone interested in - or concerned about - growing income inequality in the world to read Robert's blog

How about you? What are your highlights and learnings from 2022?

Tell all below 👇

Question: Do you think Capitalism is balanced:

  • 0%Too skewed towards the business owners

  • 0%Not enough in favour of business owners?

  • 0%About right

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